About Sze Wing

Coaching isn’t about therapy, but clarity. It helps to gain courage, momentum and makes people become extra-ordinary. It leads to a path with least resistance and a road less travelled.

SzeWing coaches conscious individuals and purpose driven entrepreneurs to a fulfilling, well-balanced and successful life. She speaks, writes and promotes in the health & wellness industry. She is the co-founder of Lighten Up Summit,  teacher of Feminine Power & Goddess Archetypes, editor for GratitudeOnline, consultant for publishing and media companies and creator of many life empowering online courses. In 2017, she also collaborated with the Gratitude™ Founder to produce the Gratitude™ – The Magazine, which aimed to help a wide range of business owners to expand their audience reach and assist their shift from traditional business models.

For her Goddess Archetypes transformational work and blog posts, please visit: www.GoddessArchetypes.com 

If you would like to get in touch with Sze Wing regarding coaching, collaborating, or speaking at your next event, or find out how Sze Wing can support you on your business, please send an email via info@soulbizcoaching.com to arrange a 30 mins complementary Discovery Call. 

Also feel free to connect via Facebook @CoachSzeWing or call 0406 588 109.

A bit of background … 

SzeWing left her hometown Hong Kong at the age of 16, lived in Norway and London before permanently moved to Sydney Australia. She has a highly analytical and process driven background as an economist and consultant. SzeWing holds a master degree from the prestigious London School of Economics & Political Sciences and worked for high profile institutions such as South Australia Government Treasury & Finance, Queensland Sunwater and a publicly listed company on London Stock Exchange. For over a decade now, she has immersed herself into practicing life-affirming modalities. She is a certified coach, intuitive, energy healer, hypnotherapist and regressionist.


Other curious personal facts about SzeWing …

She is a new mum, long time yogi and meditator. She is big fan of Joseph Campbell, Wyne Dyer and Oprah. Her favorite workout instructors are Tracy Anderson and Shiva Rea. She used to be a Latin dance competitor, performer, zouk teacher and a retired child actor. She met her frenchie husband Bastien through Latin dancing.  They are happily married and based in Sydney. In terms of charity, she is a supporter of Indigenous Literacy Foundation, World Vision and Oxfam.